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Kimberly Haith, PA-C, MPAS

Kimberly Haith hails from Bedford, PA.  She obtained a B.S. in Health Science and a Master’s in Physician Assistant Studies from St. Francis University.  Kim is an athlete.  During her undergraduate time at St. Francis she was a member of the intercollegiate tennis team.

After graduation she accepted a position in the neurosurgery department at Johns Hopkins Hospital.  Over the past fourteen years she has focused her career on helping patients of all ages manage a variety of orthopedic and neurological conditions.

Kim is patient focused.  She has learned to listen to the patient because she knows they are their own best advocate.  Kim is especially skilled in developing effective, practical treatment and care plans that are tailored to and for each individual.  She flourishes in an atmosphere that is passionate about each individual patient.


Kim loves to restore motion.  Regaining motion is fundamental to a healthy life.  When a patient cannot move, it is life limiting.  Over the years Kim has focused on acute and chronic musculoskeletal issues that limit motion.  She is able to evaluate X-Ray, MRI and Ultrasound Imaging and develop patient specific treatment plans to restore joint and tissue health.  Kim applies her experience in our diagnostic assessment of joint and soft tissue damage and recommends the best next step for all of our patients suffering with musculoskeletal injury, chronic or acute.  Kim is a huge fan of Stem Cell treatments for acute and chronic joint and soft tissue issues.  She has had the opportunity to effectively apply Stem Cell Therapy protocols in order to regenerate damaged tissue and restore movement for our patients.  She derives tremendous satisfaction from her work on the regenerative side of medicine.  Kim will get you moving.


She is a vital member of the StemLife and ReGain team.  She wholeheartedly embraces the mission of transformation.  The drive to change lives has been a primary motivator for her since her time at St Francis University.

Kimberly is married to Major Michael Haith.  They have three very active daughters.   She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and hiking.


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