Stem Cell Therapy; A History

State-of -the-Art? – YES

New?  – NO!

In fact stem cell therapy and research began in the 1950’s!

Want more historical facts?  Sure!

1950’s:  MSC’s were initially discovered by Friedenstein and colleagues.

These cells were special because Friedenstein and colleagues demonstrated that, “they readily differentiated in culture and in vivo into mineralizing cells, adipocytes, and chondrocytes.”

1968:  The first successful bone marrow transplant (Allogeneic graft) took place to treat 2 siblings with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency. (SCI)

1978:  Stem cells were discovered in cord blood

1980’s: Stem cells were isolated in adipose tissue by scientists at UCLA working with Penn St. University.

Within the next few years, stem cells were discovered in virtually every tissue in the body…..

And now we use them for healing multiple issues, and new ways to use them are surfacing every day!